Hello! I'm Kazimariusz, known as Kazimir in-real-life. I was born in 1999 to Polish parents and reside in the Netherlands. NL EN PL

I'm an artist and (web) developer: view my artwork, see my code snippets or read about my skills. I am mostly self-taught; I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and making my first websites at 11 years old. I write most of my code from scratch: I like to have a deep understanding of the code I write, though some would call it stubbornness.

For hiring, collaborations, and whatever else, refer to my contact info below.

About the Site

This website started as a plain portfolio for my artwork, but to showcase what I can do in terms of web development I decided to turn it into my general webspace, for both professional and personal purposes. Everything you see on here unless stated otherwise has been hand coded. The images I used on this site are listed in the colophon.

This website is very much in it's "beta" phase right now. Pages may be incomplete, obtuse, ugly, and buggy. I'm chipping away at it, but I'm also a bit of an unorganized person.

Dead Can Dance - In the Wake of Adversity Dead Can Dance - In the Wake of Adversity