Last Month

4 weeks ago
You can now view or hide sketches and unfinished artworks!
4 weeks ago
Updated menu style for improved readability.
4 weeks ago
Cleaned up .htaccess, a.k.a. the file that takes care of redirecting and cleaning up URLs. The visible change should be minimal, but there may be an improvement in loading time.


21 Feb 2024
Made some big changes on the back end; I am currently still working on reinstating all the functionality and styles that are missing.
01 Dec 2023
New navigation bar look, changed for better readability.
07 Nov 2023
"New" code snippet: a no-JavaScript vinyl showcase! I wrote this a while ago but never optimized it for mobile, but decided to put it up regardless.
26 Oct 2023
Index page overhaul, more stylesheet fixes, new way of loading artwork without having to reload the entire page (also laying the groundwork for a better tagging system).
17 Oct 2023
13 Oct 2023
Added some stuff to my Geoventures page, including a widget that picks a random graphic every day.
I'm also working on other pages behind the scenes...
05 Oct 2023
  • The code snippets are BACK! I'm still experimenting with the CodePen embed, but I'd rather it work a little than not at all. Woohoo!
  • This site makes use of Cloudflare as of now.
  • General stylesheet fixes all over.
30 Sep 2023
Added a page for my artwork! I'm slowly working on the styling of the website, but I just can't seem to get it right.
29 Sep 2023
Added a new page titled Geoventures, where I display graphics I found on the old internet. I changed the way I store content on my website, so I hope to restore the content that was on the code snippets page soon.
26 Sep 2023
Added the colophon page with a list of all the graphics and libraries used on this site.
25 Sep 2023
Made mobile browsing a little bit easier by updating the menu button and closing the sidebar after interacting with it.
24 Sep 2023
And then found out the snippets page works on all browsers except for Chrome on Android...
23 Sep 2023
Added a page with all site updates.
17 Sep 2023
"Beautified" the index sidebar a little, and did some other minor fixes.
25 Aug 2023
Added "border images" to code snippets and put the code in clickable tabs.
12 Aug 2023
Added a page for code snippets.
08 Aug 2023
Began total website overhaul...


  • Ensure site functionality even when scripts are disabled
  • Shorten pages on mobile version of site
  • Add titles, descriptions, dates on artwork
  • Geoventures search bar
  • Geoventures pagination
  • Shorten Geoventures posts on main page
  • Click to next/previous drawing while zoomed in
  • RSS Feed
  • Dark/Minimal theme
  • Change artwork tagging system (select/unselect doodles instead of showing them on a separate page, etc.) 24/05/2024
  • Restore code snippets 05/10/2023